Asha&Romy Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding!

brides holding hands with ocean o the background during the sunset time

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

We had the pleasure to witness the union of two amazing human beings, Asha&Romy, together they have clear ideas and a lot of great planes for their future!

They chose the perfect location, a private secluded beach.

Surrounded by family and friends and lush nature we were all privileged to watch these two beautiful brides take they first glance at one another while they walked down the aisle.

The ceremony was full of good energy, positive vibes and tears, this union concluded with a jump over a broom to symbolize never forgetting their roots, Magical!

We ended with a few sunset shots to commemorate the day.

Congratulations ladies, thank you for trusting us and our work!



wedding dress hung on a door with the ocean on the background, wedding in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
wedding rings on a table with the invitation card
wedding dress hung on a three palms on the beach, blue ocean on the background
bride gettin ready, having Make up at the eyes, wedding in Puerto Vallarta
belt of the bride on a red background with flowers
bride gettin ready with mum bride sitting on a chairs and smile
bride gettin dress on the rocks with ocean view, mum help the bride
bride gettin ready with friends and smile
bride waiting for a bride on the first look with ocean on the background
bride walk to the first dance with a bouquet on her hands
details of the hands of the brides over the shoulder
bride open the eye and watch the bride both smiling
brides first look cry with the ocean in the background
brides are walking together on the beach for go to the ceremony and smiling
brides first kiss after the ceremony with flowers o the background
brides jump on the ceremony with guest
brides hugs and kiss on the beach after the ceremony
brides holding hands and looking at the side with sunset on the background
siluette of the brides during sunset time with orange colors

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  1. Hello 2 you both and a Big CONGRATS. Ya’ll looked GEORGOUS. May GOD keep ya’ll in perfect peace,wisdom,understanding.I Love Ya’ll??Be safe and God Bless ya’ll!?❣?

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